Rain, meteor showers, and book sale

Over the weekend I planned a wedding, helped to restart a mafia gang war, and battled some fairy pirates.

How was your weekend?

I’m not really sure how it will go working on multiple projects at once. But I am having ideas for all of them and I am just trying to have my hands keep up with my brain.

FYI, I am having a Kindle Countdown sale of A Very Birthday Christmas. It is a short story that follows The Bird Lady. A Very Birthday Christmas will be only 99 cents until 11 PM on Tiny’s birthday (AKA Christmas Eve!)

I don’t know if any of you saw it, but this last week was the Geminid meteor shower. The peak was on the night of the 13th. Amos is a dog that looks up. He loves watching planes fly overhead and looking at the moon. So when I took him out to potty on the night of the 13th, I stopped to watch the sky for a few minutes in hopes of seeing a few meteors. Amos noticed me looking up, so he stopped and looked up too. I tried to point out the meteors I was seeing, and he was fascinated! After a few minutes of watching, Amos started snapping his head suddenly and looking this direction or that. When I followed where he was looking, immediately after he looked somewhere, there was a meteor! I don’t know how he was doing it, but he was sensing the meteor just before it was visible!!!! So needless to say, we had a great time watching meteors in the backyard for a few minutes. My dog never ceases to amaze me.

It rained Saturday night. Amos walking on wet pavement is like a bike without a fender. His entire underside and all four legs get wet with gross oil-slicked asphalt water. So I brought him in from his walk and gave him a mini-bath to clean all of the wet parts. Afterwards, I threw one of his blankets into the dryer to warm it up for him. He thoroughly enjoyed it.


Yes, that is a pink blanket. Don’t judge. 😉

Cut scenes

I had to add a new folder to my Bird Lady sequel documents. It’s called “Cut scenes that make absolutely no sense.” I seriously had a whole chapter that was written like I was drunk when I wrote it. But I don’t drink, so I know that’s not possible. Sometimes I really wonder what happens inside of my brain.

I made it to chapter 20 by Thursday. Not nearly as far as I had hoped, but progress has been made. And I am happy with the direction the story is going in, so yay!

Most of the week has been dominated by other things. It’s difficult to focus this close to the holidays. But my pooch is doing great with learning to “place” while I am writing.


He is still technically “on” the pillow. LOL

Amos went with me to a friend’s house today and he behaved like a champ! I need to remember to bring him a pillow to other people’s houses so he has something to sit on besides their furniture. The things you learn by doing, right?

I’ll start your weekend with a decent picture of the cutie-pie.


Revisiting “old friends.”

I’m quickly discovering that it is very difficult and totally easy to slip back into a world where I haven’t spent much time in the last seven years. Difficult because it has been a long time, and I have to refresh myself on the who, what, when, where. But totally easy, because the characters and story are so much like going home again. The familiarity of close friends and the comfort of the welcoming attitude of them all. I forgot how much I enjoyed writing The Bird Lady.

Amos is getting better at “placing” quietly while I work. It does provoke some whimpering when he feels I have ignored him for too long, but we are working out the play time vs the work time. We have, however, determined that he does not have to be right next to me while I am working. We’re not in a busy office, or stuffed in a small cubicle, so his preferred spot is over on the couch or his bed in the living room. He has even wandered down the hall to sleep on our bed. Must be rough. (But he still has not missed any alerts during my work times.)

“Time for work. Zzzzzzzz”

I am hoping to get as much or more work done this week as I did last week. With Christmas getting close, and family in the California fire area, the stress is getting to us a little bit, so focus must be forced and the discipline created. But we’re getting there.

My week so far

MONDAY started with me combing through all of the notes I have for The Bird Lady sequel. It was so convoluted. No wonder I tucked it away and tried to forget about it. I got it down to one manuscript and two sets of notes, with a file for cut scenes. Much better. Less overwhelming. Much more workable.

TUESDAY saw The Bird Lady sequel’s first chapters polished into workable condition and a title get chosen (to be announced at a later date.)

WEDNESDAY I got an email from BookBub saying they added me as an author. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a great place to find ebook deals. Here’s the link to my author page there: Judy Lunsford’s BookBub author page.

Also, we watched a new favorite movie. It is called This Beautiful Fantastic. If you get the chance, watch it. It was AMAZING! PG rating too. It was very refreshing to see a totally clean, sweet, well-written movie. My husband and I both really loved it.

(Here’s a good place to tell you that I am an Amazon Affiliate, and my disclosure statement is in the sidebar.)

THURSDAY was Amos’ wellness check-up at the vet. He did really well. Aside from some allergy issues, he has a clean bill of health. He did get some of his immunizations to keep him up-to-date on them. So most of Thursday afternoon was spent babying my boy. He always feels crummy after he gets a shot. So Thursday evening was all cuddle time.

He sleeps on ALL the pillows.

Which brings us to FRIDAY, today. I have plans to continue working on The Bird Lady sequel. I am working on chapter 12 at this point. And Amos needs a bath. So today will be a busy day!

Hello, Monday.

We actually had a nice weekend, despite all the chaos that has been going on around here lately. Mostly website work and social media set up is all I did over the weekend. (New links are at the very bottom of the page.) But it was still a bit relaxing working on that. And Amos enjoyed his time off.

Amos relaxing in the new Christmas blanket from Nana. Ready for winter.

So now, it’s Monday. We are ready to tackle the week and all the writing, creating, working, and other stuff that comes with it.

I will update either Wednesday or Friday, depending on how much there is to talk about. Until then… Have a good week!

New Words

So today, new words got written! For the first time in a LONG time!

“New Words” is a term I got from Dean Wesley Smith and Kathryn Rusch. It means that new writing was done on actual book/story projects (blog posts don’t count.) So if I refer to “New Words,” that is what I mean. Actual real new writing done on a book project.

As far as training Amos goes, He has been able to “place” by my desk for short periods of time while I work.

Napping near my desk. Complete with pillow, blanket, and his horsie toy.

He is not happy with the lack of attention, but he needs to get used to it. Mama’s gotta work.

To assist getting myself back into writing again, I have come up with a few short term and long term goals. Some having to do with writing, some having to do with blogging, and some having to do with Amos’ training to be a writer’s service dog.

Some of the goals are lofty, some are small.

Some of the smaller ones are:

  • Write every week day plus Saturdays. Sundays are optional.
  • Try to achieve “full-time” writing on weekdays, with a “part-time” schedule for Saturdays.
  • Blog 2-3x a week (probably Tu, F or M, W, F once I get things in gear), no posts on the weekends.
  • Take “Amos Breaks” to play with my pup during work time to keep him happy and sleepy.

One of the big ones is a 5 year plan to get pretty much all of my “unfinished” projects completed and published. So for Bird Lady and Gamers fans, there are sequels in the works!

FYI, Thus far, no sequels are planned for Life Unscripted. The Trunk of Alexia series is possible but not definite. (i.e. nothing is planned, but it is not off the table.)

“Time for a play-break, Mama!”

Have a great weekend. See ya Monday!

Busy with everything but the writing.

Yesterday was super busy. We had morning business to attend to, a friend dropped in unexpectedly (but we love her, so yay!!!), and then we went to help another friend with some paperwork she needed us to fill out and we tagged along with her Public Access class at Target.

I had forgotten how difficult Public Access classes were for me. The florescent lighting in most big-box stores causes my Meniere’s to go haywire. So Amos was in over-drive and we had to leave early, for his sake as well as mine. I did make it to the car before my handy-dandy barf bags were needed. A necessary item the the bags of many people with chronic illness. (Sorry, for the mental image, but that is my life.)

But look how cute Amos is in his harness and new cape!


But we were so exhausted when we got home, we just had some dinner, watched a little Netflix, and Amos and I crashed out early.

So today we have already given Amos a much needed shave, and a bath. The boys went grocery shopping (my husband and my brother) while Amos and I wait for FedEx and UPS deliveries that we are expecting.

Yesterday I was able to at least sift through some of my unfinished writing projects. So I now have an idea of where I need to start. Amos will be working on desk-training while I start work on the projects that I am putting at the top of the list.

Hopefully some actual writing will get done today.